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Best Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency in Kenya

Generate High-Quality Real Estate Leads and Increase Your Sales. We provide comprehensive digital marketing services for real estate companies in Kenya to sell homes, apartments, land, and other assets online. Our strategy includes Facebook advertising, SEO marketing, Content Marketing, email marketing, PPC advertising, and more to reach the right audience.

Digilab Marketing Agency is an established Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency in Kenya. We provide custom real estate digital marketing services for residential and commercial real estate agencies to streamline their marketing efforts and reach more interested buyers.

We all understand the importance of real estate marketing in Kenya to connect your business to the digital world. Property buyers will still research online after watching a series of persuasive TV ads on local stations. Having cutting-edge real estate marketing strategies can help you stop a leaky sales funnel. Digital marketing for real estate, also known as online advertising, is a strategy that promotes a company’s products and services through digital platforms. Investing in digital marketing strategies such as SEO, PPC, and SMO is vital for real estate companies to fill and tighten the sales funnel full of ripe leads.

Learn more about how our real estate digital marketing agency In Kenya can boost your real estate company’s online presence. Schedule a consultation with our real estate digital marketing experts in Kenya and get a free quote on your project.

Our Real EstateDigital MarketingServices


Generate a steady flow of leads and convert them into buyers with SEO for real estate agencies. Our SEO experts optimize your site for the right real estate keywords, adhere to the best SEO practices and enhance your content marketing strategy. These methods help us address your target customers’ home buying needs in one click.


Our web developers build SEO-optimized, device-responsive websites for real estate companies. We update your property listings regularly, create information-rich content to guide your customers’ real estate buying process and incorporate live chat options on your site. This allows page visitors to connect with your company and schedule appointments anytime.


Differentiate your real estate company from thousands of real estate agencies through targeted social media campaigns. From creating business accounts and sharing your real estate galleries and new property listings to purchasing sponsored ads and responding to customer inquiries, we’ve got you covered! Talk to us today!


Drive immediate traffic to your site through pay-per-click (PPC) management for commercial and residential real estate companies. Our PPC services include keyword research, geo-targeting, competitive analyses, ad copywriting, landing page creation and on-going campaign management.


Improve your customers’ business perception with on-point reputation management and review monitoring strategies. At Digilab, we help residential real estate companies acquire positive reviews and manage client feedback. We build a well-manicured online presence, respond to both positive and negative reviews professionally and keep your branding consistent across all online platforms.


Improve your site visibility on local search engine results pages (SERPs) and zoom past the competition with the help of Digilab! We run SEO audits, optimize your site structure and register your business with real estate-related directories and listings. Our SEO professionals build a steady stream of organic leads to get your commercial real estate company listed in the Google 3-Pack.


Appeal to your target audience and close more sales with information-rich, engaging video content. At Digilab Marketing Agency, we think beyond your properties’ selling points. Our videos also highlight the lifestyle and location. More importantly, we include testimonials from actual property owners. In this way, we help you attract more clients who are ready to make a purchase.


Email marketing is an effective means to connect with new leads and stay relevant to your former clients. At Digilab Marketing Agency, we help real estate companies in Kenya receive positive engagement from prospects and active buyers. We do this by providing a well-rounded approach to email marketing. We control bouncing emails, segment your subscription lists and analyze your email metrics


We help real estate companies ensure every aspect of their marketing campaign is geared towards sales and lead generation. Our team determines your buyer persona, eliminates unnecessary navigation options and form fields and implements custom online marketing solutions. Partner with us and let us help you ramp up your leads and revenue with a robust CRO strategy.
Reach Qualified Prospects Online Through Custom Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agencies in Kenya

Why Choose Us as your Trusted Digital Marketing Company for Real Estate Agencies?

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As technology evolves, the expectations of property buyers also change. Increase your leads and sell more properties with Digilab’s digital marketing solutions for real estate agencies in Kenya. Here’s what you can expect when you partner with our real estate digital marketing agency in Kenya:

Our innovative strategies for real estate marketing focus on helping real estate companies and agents to grow online visibility and drive quality leads to sales. We go the extra mile to ensure our clients get long-term success. Given the fierce market competition, we know running a real estate business is challenging. Our data-driven real estate marketing strategies account for every shilling and minute you invest in real estate marketing.

Below are the reasons that make Digilab Marketing Agency the best real estate marketing agency in Kenya.

  1. Experience in Digital Marketing for real estate.
  2. We keep learning and using the latest trends in tech.
  3. We take time to understand your real estate business.
  4. Focus on return on investment.


Generate High-Quality Real Estate Leads and Increase Your Sales

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